KMM maintains modern offices in both Vancouver B.C., and Annapolis MD. KMM employs a total staff of 54, whose combination of educational background and previous working experience in all aspects of the marine industry, are able to provide innovative and effective solutions to our clients’ demands.

The company currently produces the vast majority of its design work using CAD techniques.

AutoCAD 2002

AutoCAD is used for structural, piping schematic, arrangement and  outfit drawings, with Autoplant used extensively for 3D piping modeling & layout and isometric drawings.

Rhino 3D

Rhinoceros 3D, a very powerful Nurbs modeler being used as a general  modeler for FEA and product visualization.

For engineering tasks, KMM utilizes PC based software packages including:


An advanced surface modeling program for hull development.


A fully integrated hull modeling and analysis software suite.


NAPA, a general 3D ship design tool.


A resistance and powering analysis program.


A naval architecture package for hydrostatics, stability and longitudinal strength calculations.


A sea keeping analysis program.


ShipFlow, A special purpose software for investigating hydrodynamic properties.


A program used to analyze complex 3-D marine dynamic problems.


A marine propulsion and control simulation package.


A shaft vibration and alignment calculations program.


A pipe loss calculation program.


Structural design analysis programs

KMM is at the apex of a large body of technical resources available through its parent organization, the Kvaerner Group in Europe. The Kvaerner Group, which is one of the worlds leading shipbuilders also owns companies which produce a wide range of ship’s equipment.