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KMM is involved in the design of the recently announced passenger cruise ship contracts that will result in the first vessels of this size and type to be built in the U.S. for nearly 40 years. KMM has provided the structural design package for the“Project America” vessel including the first complete FEA carried out in North America for a cruise vessel.

For the “Sea America” project,KMM and Kvaerner Masa Yards Technology group will be providing a complete Classification Design Package using the latest technology and design features expected of a modern cruise vessel, configured towards the convention style public spaces and typical cruise vessel accommodation.

'Sea America' project

View details  ‘Sea America’ project

Combining the experience of KMMwithin the North American market and the expertise and reputation of our parent company, Kvaerner Masa Yards of Finland, in construction of large complex passenger vessels, puts KMM at the forefront of the latest design approach and construction technology for passenger vessels worldwide.

This database includes vessels that are finished to a very high quality for the luxury market such as the Crystal Symphony through to the “Destiny” Class of cruise ships that carry close to 5000 passengers and crew.


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