KMM provides high quality technical support, innovative designs, and new technology applications, including successful European design, production and shipbuilding business practices, to the marine community in North America and to selected international markets, while offering its employees a fulfilling work environment.


  • Work on intellectually and professionally interesting projects
  • Create a fulfilling working environment for employees
  • Be financially successful
  • Growth, but if only growth helps achieve above goals


Kvaerner Masa Marine (KMM), is a consulting naval architecture and marine engineering company established in July 1983 and is directly owned by theKvaerner Group.  In 1998, KMM purchased Polar Design Associates (PDA)and incorporated its staff and design database into the technical expertise atKMM.

KMM is at the apex of a large body of technical resources available through its parent organization, the Kvaerner group in Europe.  Kvaerner also owns companies which produce a wide range of ship’s equipment.  Perhaps the most valuable and unique asset which KMM has, as a result of its corporate affiliations, is the ability to access the data compiled from hundreds of ships built by the Kvaerner Group shipyards.

marine structure