KMM has supported the design and development of a wide range of fast passenger and passenger/vehicle ferries over the last 10 years and our close association with Fjellstrand a.s. in Norway further broadens this database.

Designs of monohull and catamaran vessels between 25 meters and 72 meters have been developed and built using the latest innovations in hullform to enhance both performance and seakeeping capability.

Modern construction techniques including the application of friction stir-welding of flat panels have been implemented to reduce construction costs and provide higher levels of dimensional and distortion control.  Our advanced system analysis capabilities can be applied to refine structural design and optimize hullforms for low wake wash characteristics and other environmental issues.

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Cruise Ships

KMM is involved in the design of the recently announced passenger cruise ship contracts that will result in the first vessels of this size and type to be built in the U.S. for nearly 40 years. KMM has provided the structural design package for the“Project America” vessel including the first complete FEA carried out in North America for a cruise vessel.

For the “Sea America” project,KMM and Kvaerner Masa Yards Technology group will be providing a complete Classification Design Package using the latest technology and design features expected of a modern cruise vessel, configured towards the convention style public spaces and typical cruise vessel accommodation.

'Sea America' project

View details  ‘Sea America’ project

Combining the experience of KMMwithin the North American market and the expertise and reputation of our parent company, Kvaerner Masa Yards of Finland, in construction of large complex passenger vessels, puts KMM at the forefront of the latest design approach and construction technology for passenger vessels worldwide.

This database includes vessels that are finished to a very high quality for the luxury market such as the Crystal Symphony through to the “Destiny” Class of cruise ships that carry close to 5000 passengers and crew.


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Container Vessels

Kvaerner Masa Marine has developed a unique multi-mission cargo linerseries for container, bulk, and breakbulk ship designs. Using a systems based design process approach combined with identified market requirements, KMMdeveloped this design series to meet mission requirements of varying cargo capacities between 400 and 800 TEU and varying speeds of 16 to 18 knots.


The design series have common bows, engine room/sterns, and deckhouses. Configuring the parallel midbody with 5, 6, or 7 cargo hold modules enables a range of cargo capacities to be met. This systems based design approach using midbody hold modules provides shipowners and shipyards with a flexible design with minimal design cost.

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Kvaerner, the international oil services, E&C, and Shipbuilding Group, today launched a new company with 18,000 employees in 17 countries and on five continents. The new company, to be known as ‘Aker Kvaerner’, will supply products, services, technology and solutions worth NOK 20 billion a year to the global oil and gas industry. Aker Kvaerner is the result of a merger between Aker Maritime and Kvaerner Oil & Gas, and forms one of four business areas within the Kvaerner Group.

Subsidiaries of Aker Kvaerner have already won contracts totalling NOK 15.5 billion since the start of 2002, almost doubling the Group’s order backlog in just over two months. The many companies embraced by the new organisation complement each other – and Aker Kvaerner is solidly placed to maintain an aggressive commitment both in its traditional home markets and in other parts of the world.

In many of its business streams, the new company will rank among the world’s leading players. It is strong, for instance, in advanced drilling equipment, subsea facilities, the management of large and complex platform tow-outs, and the installation of seabed equipment. Aker Kvaerner also embraces some of the most advanced solutions for both platforms and mooring systems in deep water. It has become one of the biggest players in the large UK and Norwegian markets for maintenance, modifications and operational support on production platforms.

Preparations for merging Aker Maritime and Kvaerner Oil & Gas have been completed in just over two months, with more than 250 employees directly involved in the integration work. In addition, personnel from the whole organisation have been drawn into the planning and preparatory process. Establishing a new organisation has been a key task. Since the beginning of January, potential candidates for senior roles have been nominated and thoroughly assessed prior to key posts being filled.

The merger of Aker Maritime and Kvaerner Oil and Gas represents a major milestone in Norwegian industrial history. With traditions going back almost two centuries, these companies are now joining forces to reinforce their position with oil industry customers. Aker Kvaerner will be a large and significant employer in a number of local Norwegian communities, and one of the biggest sources of private sector jobs in several places along Norway’s coast. With some 12,500 employees in Norway, the new company ranks as one of the country’s largest industrial employers.

Setting a new standard for health, safety and the environment at work is one of Aker Kvaerner’s key targets, both out of concern for its employees and the company and as a competitive factor. “We’ll be thinking HSE in everything we do, at all levels and all times,” affirms Aker Kvaerner CEO, Sverre Skogen. “That’s the only objective we can live with.”

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